Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hollywood vs. Books: Lauren Oliver's Delirium Series

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After attending my first ever live tweet party event on Friday for the Delirium Pilot now available on Hulu, I came up with the idea for an intermittent series about what happens to books when they come in contact with Hollywood. Sometimes glorious things happen. For example, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. And sometimes, really bad things happen. Like, City of Bones. And sadly, I think Delirium might fall into the realm of when bad things happen to good books.


Are you familiar with the books by Lauren Oliver? If not, stop reading this right now and go buy them!!! These are diamond rated books. In fact, last year, for one of my friends' birthdays, I bought her a copy of Delirium, the first book, because I couldn't bear to part with mine. Yes, that's how good this series is. So, I'll wait while you go buy them off Amazon or put them on hold at your local library...


Okay, good! 

Now, let me tell you about this pilot episode I watched {and you can too}. It is based on the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver, which is about a time and place that considers love a disease, and it packs a punch!

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While live tweeting with the author, there were mixed reviews from the viewers. This pilot was originally turned down by Fox, and I couldn't imagine why when I first heard that because the books are phenomenal. But, now, after watching the pilot, I get it. If you read the books, you'll be crying over all the details left out, and there were a LOT of plot points left out or changed all together.

Of course, you could argue that most viewers would not have read the books prior to watching so they wouldn't know what they were missing, but that's simply not true. You can tell that there are holes in the plot because everything escalates so quickly. I like a slow build into a story line not an avalanche of information, and that's what happened with the Delirium Pilot.

I, personally, wanted it to be so much more than it was. I wanted the story line to be more than what they created for the pilot. They pushed the first book and part of the second book into a one hour pilot. This, my friends, is the whole problem. You just can't do that to a series this wonderful!!! The creators and writers should have taken their time and really developed the plot in the right way. Throwing two people who have just met into a romantic tryst within five minutes of the show just doesn't make sense.


I would love to see this re-conceptualized for television. It has sooooo much potential. Dear TV gods, please make this happen. Turn this beautiful story into something real. The actors cast were perfect for their parts. Lena was perfect, and I loved Hanna - mostly because she looks like a real girl and not some pencil thin wafer. I wish Alex had been a little more rugged, but that's just how I had imagined him. So, somebody needs to come along and fix it! Please?

However, I am glad I got to actually see it. Of course, like I said, I would have done things differently, but, like my father says, they didn't ask me. So, I will be content in the fact that I witnessed this imagined world brought to life in the one hour Delirium Pilot now available on Hulu.


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