Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This is My Confession


This how I feel right now as I write this. I feel as though I've abandoned you all...maybe? Are you even still out there? If you aren't, I completely understand.

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I promise I'm still alive though. I'm not hiding under a rock either. Well, not yet at least. Life's about to get pretty crazy in my neck of the woods.

Reason Numero Uno I haven't been blogging
I have a new job. I still work for the library, but now I'm part of the Children's Department. I'm totally excited about this if not completely scared out of my mind!

Reason Numero Dos I haven't been blogging
We've moved to a new building, and, honestly, I just don't have the motivation when I get home at night to do anything other than make/eat dinner or veg on the couch. Moving libraries and readjusting to a new schedule around the holidays is crazy hard.

Reason Numero Tres I haven't been blogging
I have applied and been accepted into grad school to get my MLIS. I start in January.

So, while I desperately miss reading and blogging, I just can't seem to make myself read or even ENJOY a book! As much as I don't enjoy listening to books, I think I might have to really get into it if I want to be able to enjoy non-school related books!

Any recommendations?

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