Monday, May 4, 2015

Librarian "Homework"

In 10 days, I will start a three week class about Multicultural Youth Literature. For that class, I have to read t.w.e.l.v.e. books. I told my husband this, and he about died. His initial reaction was: "What if you don't like to read?"

My response?

Who is taking a literature class that doesn't like to read? library school...

I'm stoked about this class because my homework is reading. R.E.A.D.I.N.G. I get to read some great books that I normally wouldn't have picked up off the shelf. And the great thing is, I get to use them for FREE because what future librarian buys books when she can check them out at her place of employment, also known as a public library? {Although, I had to buy one book because my library system didn't own it. I can handle buying 1 out of 12.}

In the past week, I've read half of the books. Granted, most of them were picture books, but I'm still feeling accomplished. I plan to write reviews of each one!

Also, since it's May, I'm going to reflect on my first session of full-on programming! The past four months have been trying and exhilarating all at the same time. I'm looking forward to sharing what worked, what didn't, and some flannels I created! I'm hoping I can consistently post from now on, but between working full-time and going to school part-time, I don't have a lot of free time.

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