Friday, September 4, 2015

Library Ninja (That's Me!)


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It's been a long time. I said I was going to blog more...and then school started. Silly graduate school. When I'm not working full-time at my library, then I'm doing school work on my lunch break or at home or wherever I can find a peaceful spot.

But, I'm going to try this blogging bit again. I think I've come up a way to manage it...hopefully!

For starters, I'm a library ninja!
Oh, yes, a NINJA!

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How am I a library ninja?
I identified a book based on half of a torn out page!
That's it!
Just half of a torn out page.

Can you figure it out?


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It's First Day of School by Anne Rockwell!!
And I knew it without using the Google!!!!

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It was a good day. =]

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