Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What I've Been Reading: Orphaned Characters Edition

At the beginning of this year, I set a GoodReads goal to read 52 books - roughly one book for each week of the year. I figured after having just finished Grad School is would take me a while to get back in the swing of reading for pleasure.

That was false. As of today, I have read 28 books. I am 13 books ahead of schedule...and quite a few of the books I've read have an orphan theme to them, which I am just now realizing as I type up this post.

Here's a small recap of some of the titles I've read this year with reviews told in 140 characters or less! The first four I enjoyed; the last two I did not.

Britta's father is murdered, & she is orphaned. The only friend she's ever known is blamed, & Britta must hunt him down. #love #magic #truth

Celeana is a badass who struggles with her past & her future. There are many ships & characters who will destroy you. #allthefeels

Ruby must learn to control the fire that floods her veins as she falls in love with a guy who has frost in his. #firebloodvfrostblood 

Beauty loves the wilderness & hunting. Takes care of her family. Captured by a beast who will break your heart. #notalovestory #astoryofwant

Rhee: dead family, about to become empress of universe, "assassinated." Aloysha: charged with assassination. Everyone planet hopping. #dnr 

Book 2. Luna & Fowler must escape a series of nonsensical situations. #toomuch #toomanyplots #unresolvedissues #dnr

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