Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What I've Been Reading: Feel Good Romance Edition

Are you ready for the second installment of twitter book reviews told in 140 characters or less? This week, I'm bringing you feel good romances or what I like to call "fluff" books.

What are fluff books?
Books that make you feel but not half as much as that book that gave you that book hangover you're still trying to get over.

...I'm looking at you, Empire of Storms...


Anywho!! On to twitter-style book reviews!

Autumn: accidentally locked in library + Dax: hiding in library to escape family = #perfectmeetcute #allthelove #knowyourself #bestrong 

Dee finds herself helping produce a movie during a lonely summer and hanging out with a pop star who is the lead in the movie. #summerlovin'

The tagline says it all: Pride & Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights #loveandfootball #acceptance #understanding #janeausten 

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