Rating Scale

When it came time to design a book rating system, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to assess these portable pieces of magic, also known as books. There's the typical star rating or the numerical rating or the school grades system, but that didn't speak to me. I wanted something that fit my personality!

I am a lady who loves coffee, cupcakes, and all things sparkly. I stay up way past my bedtime to finish books and love happy endings. Because of who I am, this is how I've decided to rate the books I read and review.

This is a book that you need in your life right now! No exceptions. You will end up with a book hangover from reading this. [covet it & don't lend it to others]

This book is a quick read with lots of laughs and love and feelings and all things perfect. There is a slight chance that you will get a book hangover. [buy & lend it to others]

This is a nice read that will keep you entertained and involved, but it isn't quite what I was hoping for/needing. You could possibly get a book hangover, but it's not too likely. [borrow it]

This book was very slow. I either pushed through it to the end or didn't finish the book at all. There is no chance of a book hangover. [pass on reading it; go shopping instead]

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